You must be screened before scheduling wellness sessions:

1 hour Movement Wellness Screen: $150

1 hour Movement Wellness Session: $130


75 min- Orthopedic Evaluation:

New Client: $200

Returning Client: $165

You must be evaluated before scheduling rehab sessions:

1 hour Rehab Session: $140

WHY we do NOT accept INSURANCE:

The way third party payers and insurance companies are set up now a days, require clinics to see a very high volume of people in one day. This forces clinicians to sacrifice time with each individual which compromise quality care. 

“Health Care should be a human experience between patient & clinician within a context & a social system. As such it is not a commodity.” -Dr. Groopman

Quality care requires time. Physical health & wellness is about helping people to recognize and change certain movement and lifestyle behaviors within their social context.

It takes time to listen to and understand where clients are coming from and where they are trying to go.

It takes time to conduct a systematic evaluation that attempts to avoid confirmation bias, create a treatment plan, then reflect on what did and didn’t work after each encounter.

It takes time to educate clients to their level of understanding to ensure proper execution of the recommendations given.

 A commitment to quality care means we must secure time to give every client the dedicated help and service they need to overcome health and mind-body challenges. 

Not accepting insurance is one of the ways we guarantee quality care as defined by Neuropedics' 7 Values 

We hope you enjoy this movement wellness experience.