The foundation of success in rehabilitation and movement wellness lies in the focused mind of the client and in their understanding of the intent of training as well as the recommendations given.

“Give them an exercise and satisfy them for the day, teach them how to exercise and satisfy them for a lifetime.”

2.    Focus

It is crucial that both the client & professional give one another their undivided and uninterrupted attention. This will help the client & their coach stay focused on what needs to change & what needs to be practiced.

3.   Compassion

There needs to be a dedicated passion for serving others in order to help them overcome health and mind-body challenges.


A commitment to thoroughly understanding the client’s perspective of their problems is critical before recommending solutions. A systematic checklist based assessment & screen will always precede specific recommendations for manual therapy, movement prescription, &/or self-care management strategies.

“Seek first to understand before being understood.” Stephen Covey


A focused, specific, and highly trained manual touch is the corner stone of a successful physical exam and manual treatment process. This needs to not be rushed, but rather grounded in the principles of “in the moment awareness” and progressed toward movement learning.

6.    GROWTH

In the constantly changing world of rehabilitation & injury prevention, there needs to be a healthy curiosity to stay current with the most up to date science in order to deliver a superior service and movement consultation experience to the client.


Time is our most valued commodity, and without it, it becomes very challenging to reflect on each case, what is and isn't working, and the thought processes that led us to those decisions. Therefore, a commitment has been made to strategically secure time to spend with each client as well as reflect on each client’s case. This helps consistently deliver a quality assurance program to each client as well as a superior movement wellness and consultation experience.