Kaitlyn Miklinevich - CrossFit Athlete

Kaitlyn Miklinevich.jpg

I began working with Ramez in the wake of an injury to resolve some related acute pain. As an aspiring competitive CrossFit athlete, minimum functionality is not enough. I need to be able to feel and perform optimally on a daily basis, and Ramez truly realizes those demands. He has taken the time during our sessions to understand what I need to be able to do with my body, and it’s clear that he is devoted to furthering his expertise and evolving his techniques in order to pass that knowledge on to his clients. His use of a movement assessment and a test/retest ensures that we are addressing the root cause of the dysfunction and not only treating symptoms, and the time dedicated to manual therapy work performed during the sessions has been vital to resolving pain. The greatest value for me in working with Ramez is that I always leave feeling equipped to continue resolving pain and preventing dysfunction when I am on my own. Rather than giving me a prescription of exercises, I understand how to warm up, cool down, mobilize, and prepare for movement in the way that serves me and my needs best. I consider Ramez a fundamental addition to the team that keeps my body in working order and I am exceedingly grateful to have him on my side.

Ramez Antoun