Joseph Goldstein


I had a biking accident in the fall of 2015 resulting in a simple fracture of the upper humerus bone.  Although the fracture healed, there was strong residual pain and discomfort that limited certain movements and activities.  I had many months of traditional physical therapy that was helpful, but which didn't resolve the issue in a sustainable way. At one point, my trainer suggested I see Ramez Antoun, a therapist who had developed neuropedics, a more holistic approach to healing and recovery. 

Ramez is an exceptionally gifted and caring therapist, whose approach included a review and adjustment of my posture and position in sleeping, reading, and working at my desk (in each of these activities I had unknowingly been exacerbating the problem), as well as hands-on bodywork and a progressive exercise regimen. I particularly appreciated his sensitivity to what was happening in each session as well as to the overall plan, making appropriate and helpful adjustments all along the way.

Besides his very evident professional expertise, Ramez's warm personality exudes a confidence in one's own ability to heal in a way that is a significant contribution to that end.

- Joseph Goldstein - Meditation Teacher, Author

Ramez Antoun