Alison D.

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I'm 66 years old and although I’ve been reasonably active throughout my life -- skiing, biking, yoga, swimming, walking – I‘ve never been a “serious” athlete, and during several very sedentary years in my 50s I collected a few injuries, becoming so de-conditioned that in my early 60s I developed tendonitis simply walking down the street! Conventional physical therapy helped, but it was time-limited by my HMO and was focused only on my presenting complaint, when in fact my strength and range of motion had become restricted in several respects: unreliable knees, a stiff shoulder, a wrist tendonitis, low-back and neck pain. Unwilling to accept this as my “new normal,” I joined a gym and worked hard to recover. Still, pain and reduced flexibility prevented me from optimizing my training. I began to view my limitations as inevitable – and inalterable – consequences of aging. Fortunately my gym coach has consulted Ramez for her own injuries, and she urged me to see him.

Ramez has been incredibly helpful. His work starts where the HMO (and a good coach) leave off. He explains the physical and neurological bases of disability and pain in a way that makes sense, so that I understand not just why I hurt and/or can’t move the way I did 10 years ago, but also what I can do to change my situation. No aspect of movement is too trivial for him to review, and many of his seemingly simple suggestions (new pillow, different chair or sleeping position) have made a huge difference. He’s highly skilled at diagnosing and explaining how incorrect movement patterns trigger pain and reinforce limitations, and he’s careful when prescribing exercises to restore freedom of movement (and eventually strength) not to assign more than my current physical state will permit. I should mention here that motivation and personal responsibility are important to derive the most from Neuropedics’ services. Ramez has contributed mightily to my physical well-being, but we both consider it a partnership. He’s worked some seeming miracles – sending me home with a working joint that arrived stiff and unhappy – but holding onto those miracles, by sticking to the exercise routine he prescribes, is my job. And yours, if you choose to work with him. I hope you do! You’ll be happier for it.

Alison Darrow, 66 years old

Ramez Antoun