Joan S.

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I had seen 3 physicians and 4 PTs by the time I found Neuropedics and Ramez.  My most recent attempt to “get fit” with strength training had annoyed my ACL-deficient knee leaving soreness and a noticeable limp.  The consensus was knee replacement needed, just a matter of when. 

Outside of this flair, my knee was not extremely painful despite how bad the x-ray looked. I was having trouble with instability and was frustrated that no one seemed able to listen and work with me on MY problem.

At my first session with Ramez, he identified restrictions in my ankle and hip, and said “no wonder your knee feels unstable – what’s left to move?”  I knew I was in the right place.

My ankle responded immediately to the Ramez’s assisted stretching.  Releasing my quad and hip has come more slowly, not surprising as the initial injury was 38 years ago!

In addition to a great program, Ramez has given me a wonderful education in pain signaling.  Together we have devised a plan that has allowed me to walk further and further without pain.

What is most impressive is when life’s activities have taken a toll,  Ramez listens carefully, asks a lot of questions and incorporates what he hears into his recommendations on my program.  This has enabled us to address some root causes of my movement problems. I feel better and stronger than I have in a long time.

If you have suffered an injury, don’t wait years to address it.  Ramez is extremely knowledgeable, and his focused, individual attention will get you back on track.  

Joan S.

Ramez Antoun