Hannah May - LMT, BS, CHT, CPT Body Worker & Personal Trainer

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Neuropedics is a dream come true for patients seeking quality expertise in the field of physical therapy. After a significant laceration injury that almost took my life and my lower limb, I can honestly say Neuropedics played a vital role in my recovery. The extent of the tissue and nerve damage in my leg was great, and as a lifelong athlete, the prospect of never walking well again was terrifying. After many days of researching the best physical therapists in the area, who also had a strong neurological background, I came upon Dr. Antoun who came highly recommended and his credentials were definitely impressive. After receiving my first treatment with Dr. Antoun, I knew immediately I found the therapist that would do whatever it took to get me to the finish line. And that is exactly what happened.

I went from being bed ridden for three months and having a very confused brain and limb, to relearning how to walk within a couple of months with the help of Ramez. In fact, by the end of two and a half months of treatment, I was working on jogging! From the constant assessments, to the cutting edge techniques, I was constantly reminded of the quality of Neuropedics’ care. Every technique was progressive and every day my gains were outstanding. No stone was left unturned. As a professional in the fitness and bodywork field, I couldn’t have been more impressed with the caliber of work.

Healing is not only a physically demanding task, but is challenging emotionally and mentally too. This is one of things that truly makes Neuropedics outstanding. Dr. Antoun was consistently passionate, excited about his field, inspiring, motivating, and truly concerned for my wellbeing. Every word I spoke was considered, appreciated, and truly heard. In addition, Dr. Antoun was able to truly educate me on my body, the process, and the work we were doing. The best part was, it was evident in each moment that he was having a blast doing the work he loves, which helped it to be a fun and enjoyable experience for me also.

Neuropedics has a very clear mission and values for truly changing their patient’s lives. I would recommend their expertise to any and all of my own clients or loved ones. I am grateful every day for my experience with Neuropedics.

- Hannah May LMT, BS, CHT, CPT Body Worker & Personal Trainer, former client

Ramez Antoun