Frank D.


I met Ramez a few months ago.  I reluctantly went yet to another physical therapist, believing once again that the results would be minimal, if "that".  Needless to say, my previous experiences with past physical therapists haven't been very positive or productive. During our first meeting, I sensed that his approach was quite different than most. He explained that learning to use the body safely through certain exercises as well as convincing the brain that these movements are safe, is the key in minimizing many physical ailments. I never realized how the brain was linked to all bodily movements and that if the brain senses that a particular movement is entering a danger zone, it sends signals to the body to stop, sometimes in the form of muscle spasms, to prevent injury. Once these various positions and movements are sensed as safe, the spasms and discomfort are decreased if not eliminated. I was treated for some nerve and muscular issues in my neck and low back.  The results convinced me that Ramez’s methodology behind Manual Therapy and exercise along with his strong desire to educate the client about body-mind relationship was the most effective method of physical therapy available today.

- Frank D-Angelo, former client

Ramez Antoun