you get check-ups on your heart and teeth.

why not your joints and muscles? 


about Movement screening:

This Service:

Helps you identify fundamental weak links such as mobility and stability limitations that could be undermining performance. We’re only as strong & resilient as our weakest link - to optimize your performance, we ensure you’re playing to your strengths while working on your weaknesses.

Why you are here:

  • You are not dealing with a current injury. (If you are, check out our Rehab Services.)

  • You want to improve your mobility but you're not sure where to focus.

  • You want to improve your stability, strength, and balance.

  • You're sick of getting hurt every time you get back to the gym or any activity.

  • You'd like an ergonomic screening & opinion as it relates to your body's current orthopedic limitations.

  • You want professional strength & conditioning advice on training and programming implications based on your movement screen & assessment findings.

  • You want to identify your movement weakest link(s), because you know that you're only as strong as your weakest link.


neuropedics' process addresses:

1. Your environment:



• Sleep position
• Work-station ergonomics
• Car-seat position
• Physical activities
Active recovery and fatigue management strategies

2. your body:



• Joint mobilization
• Neuromuscular facilitation
• Functional taping techniques
• Soft tissue mobilization: dry needling, cupping, and active release techniques



• Self - care mobility techniques
• Motor-control and balance exercises
• Functional exercise progressions and regressions


don’t wait until your joints hurt...

before someone takes your movement seriously.

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 4.23.22 PM.png

manual therapy and hands-on movement coaching:

establish the following FUNDAMENTAL athletic qualities: 

  • Balance

  • Joint health

  • Joint mobility

  • Joint strength

  • Core endurance in various postures

  • Soft tissue mobility

  • Motor control

  • Movement coordination

  • Movement awareness

  • Movement quality

  • Movement variability

  • Postural variability


movement wellness consultation:

What to Expect:

  1. The 1 hour process will put you through the Functional Movement Screen to see if you have control of your body weight in basic movement patterns that challenge both your mobility and stability limits. 
  2. You will be put through an active and passive mobility assessment process to establish a baseline for basic joint health, mobility, and motor control. Please dress to appropriately expose the spine and shoulder blades. Shorts or spandex are preferred to not restrict the lower body during the functional exam.
  3. After the assessment you will receive a verbal explanation & written report summarizing your relevant screening & assessment findings.
  4. You will be invited to create an online client account with Functional Movement Systems' New Pro 360 Client Management Software. Here you will be able to access your customized functional home exercise programming that is built based on our findings during screening. Your online account includes built in instructional videos to ensure proper focus and movement practice.