Core Principle 1: Learn. Move. Grow

"Learn. Move. Grow" represents the core belief of Neuropedics Rehab & Movement Wellness. This is not just how we do business, this is how we carry out our lives to bring out our fullest potential.

In order to practice "Learn. Move. Grow" we first have to embrace three fundamental pillars: 

1) Every living thing has potential. You can make a change.
2) Use a positive approach to bring out that potential. 
3) Use your strengths to influence your weaknesses. 

We have to truly believe in the first pillar and then take action using the second and third pillars.   

Believe that every living thing has potential. You can make a change.

This first principle is a belief that has been around since the 1940's and is now grounded in the current science regarding "neuro-plasticity". This term basically means our brains have an amazing ability to constantly change and make new neural connections given the right learning environment no matter how old we are.

This really challenges the old phrase of "You can't teach an old dog new tricks." If the dog really wants to learn, is put into a positive environment that teaches the dog about both it's strengths and weaknesses, then amazing things can happen. I go into more details about neuroplasticity and the power of this principle here.

A positive "Can do" approach uses our strengths to influence our weaknesses to help bring out potential

A positive "Can do" approach doesn't just mean to unconditionally praise what we're good at. It means that we first have to objectively screen and assess both strengths and weaknesses. With that information we can then develop an appropriate action plan that addresses both; using our strengths to physically and mentally influence our weaknesses as we move to take action through consistent practice.

This is the framework that we believe helps us and our clients "Learn. Move. Grow" into our fullest potential. 

If every living thing has potential then we need to bring out that potential by using a positive "can do" approach. This requires us to use our strengths to influence our weaknesses. We must first learn about our weaknesses, which is uncomfortable yet necessary to access our potential.
In this way we can all "Learn. Move. Grow".

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Ramez Antoun