Why We Use The Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA)?


The SFMA is a total body movement diagnostic system. It begins by screening full body movement patterns. These patterns are rated & ranked as Functional or Dysfunctional and painful vs. not-painful.

Functional results must meet specific quality and quantity minimum criteria as set by existing valid clinical examination tools and normative values based on evidence. Essentially, each test has certain range of motion and motor control standards assigned to it that must be met for a functional score. 

Unlike popular belief, the goal is not to get all functional non-painful scores. The goals are to
1. Not have any pain with body weight movement
2. Not have significant left-right asymmetries.

We all have some level of dysfunction and limitations - but as long as we are aware of them we can work on them and use this information to make wiser movement choices. 

The SFMA gives us insight into the dysfunctional movements by systematically breaking them down into their parts to identify the root cause of the movement dysfunction and whether it's more related to a mobility or a stability/motor control problem.

At the end of the SFMA evaluation, we will have a clearer idea of movement related causes of your complaints, why certain movements are hard for you to access, and a clearer path of how to intervene. 

By building an intervention plan related to your overall mechanical function rather than just the medical diagnosis, we can not only impact your symptoms, but also help to restore your overall function and ultimately bring you back to health and wellness. 

For more information about the SFMA visit www.FunctionalMovement.com

Ramez Antoun