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Foam roller

A foam roller is used for self mobilization of various muscles of the body. When used correctly it can be very helpful with safely mobilizing the spine. The darker foam is typically a lot denser than lighter colors. If this is new for you we suggest going to your local Target or sports store to test various foam material to see where you should start.

Clients typically buy the 3' long, 6'' round roller.


Gray Cook Band

This is the band we typically use to progress our clients' functional home exercise program. This band allows for various functional exercise variations & progressions including but not limited to squats, lunges, deadlifts, single leg deadlifts, push, pull and much more. All you need is a sturdy door that closes and does not open when you pull on it (unless you turn the knob of course). It is also very travel friendly. 

The most common resistance used is the "extra light" or purple band. Don't underestimate the purple band its typically plenty of resistance to start  


Stability ball

The stability ball can be used for various exercises from core training to simply having an extra chair in the house. 

65 cm & 55 cm are the most frequently purchased.



The kettlebell offers us a great way to train stability, mobility, and strength in a single package. It's design provides a natural off centered of mass which also makes it an incredible training tool for proprioceptive training. Depending on our clients' goals, it's a great way to bridge the gap between rehab & training. 

Beginners will typically be asked to get an 8 or 16 Kg Kettlebell.